6010 Karindobata, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka 582-0012 Japan
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Since our foundation in 1947, Hinode Wire Mesh has been expanding into the wireworking sector, which covers versatile applications, among other metalworking sectors, and manufacturing wires and wire meshes that play important roles in fields ranging from social infrastructures to living wares. We sell products as well as work together with users to develop the manufacturing of coated wire and wire netting. We have attained high achievements and reliability as a total wire mesh supplier to address every need concerning wire meshes through our prominent creativity, technological skills, and productivity.

Foundation April, 1947
Capital \10,000,000
Representative Tomio Yasuda
No. of Emploees 30
Main Banks Daiwa Bank (Kashiwara Branch)
Hakkoshinkin Bank (Kokubu Branch)
Kashiwara City Agricultural Cooperative (Katakami Branch)
Membership of Institutions Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Japan Wire Export Association (Wire Mesh Subcommittee)
Kansai Wire Mesh Group
Wire Products Association (Color Wire Association)

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1. Wireworking (PVC-coated wire)
2. Production and sales of wire meshes (weave mesh, hexagonal mesh, crimped wire cloth, flat-top weave mesh, welded mesh, diamond mesh, net conveyer, expanded metal, punched metal)
3. Industrial baskets, heat treatment jigs, parts for building and food-processing machines
Last Update December 3, 2001