Ishii Industry Inc.


Head Office
20-16, Ktayama-cho, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka 582-0020, Japan
Phone: 81-729-78-6543
Fax: 81-729-78-6418
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Business Description
1) Production and installation of overhead traveling cranes
2) Plate working and engineering of various kinds
3) Construction, repair, and relocation of facilities
Business Summary
We produce and install overhead traveling cranes and other accessories as a factory subcontracted to by Elephant Chain Block Co., Ltd. We also accept direct orders and referrals for construction. Currently, our main customers are Osaka Organic Chemical Industry Ltd., Kokubun Kogyo Kabushikigaisha, Sanroku Kasei Kogyo Kabushikigaisha, Kabushikigaisha Manritsu, Kabushikigaisha Heian Seisakusho, Nippon Pigment Co., Ltd., and Osaka Pigment Co., Ltd.

We have been working in the steel industry for more than fifty years and are proud of our long history of construction providing our customers with what they need.
Company Profile

Establishment: 1957 (Incorporated as a limited private company in 1991)
Capital: \3 million
President: Shuji Ishii
Site: 1,000 sq. m
Floor Space: 330 sq. m
Governmental Licenses: Prefectural Grant, (General-13), No. 92636, Steel StructureWorker, and Machinery and Tools Installer
Bank: Hakko Shinkin Bank, Kokubu Branch