Product Lineup

1.Fully automated cold rolling/forming machines(CRF and TCR machines)
2.Fully automated lines(Automated carrier systems and processing machines)
3.Machines for specific purposes

1.Fully automated cold rolling/forming machines (CRF and TCR machines)

Cold rolling/forming machines

  KYOEI Cold Rolling/Forming Machines, with the present principles, appeared on the market in 1982 after our long R&D efforts. Kyoei Seiko is proud to announce that we have produced more than 450 KYOEI Cold Rolling/Forming Machines, and is making further improvements on our machines.
  CRF stands for Cold Rolling Former, and TCR for Top Cold Rolling.V stands for an updated Version, and the figures indicate machine capacity. OR, IR, and UC indicate the kinds of sizing instruments included.
  Kyoei cold rolling/forming machines cold-work both inside and outside of the cylindrical works by using mandrels and form rolling. The outer diameter of the works enlarge by about 20% through cold rolling/forming. The rolled/formed works are sized and come out of the machine exit. All the movements are completely automatized from the machine entrance to the exit.
  Kyoei Seiko is proud of the extremely high productivity of Kyoei Cold Rolling/Forming Machines, and they are comprised of the main body and their accessories.
Accessories of Kyoei Cold Rolling/forming machines, i.e., the pressure-oil tank and the form rolling oil tank are separate.
  Other special accessories include entrance hoppers, pallet inverting machines, cleaning/cooling/oil skimmers, oil centrifugal machines, and measuring instrument.

Three kind of cold rolling/forming machines

Cold rolling/forming machines with outer diameter straight sizing instruments => ƀƀƀ-OR
Cold rolling/forming machines with inner diameter straight sizing instruments => ƀƀƀ-IR
Cold rolling/forming machines with outer diameter and spherical surface sizing instruments => ƀƀƀ-UC
Two kinds of functionally different cold rolling

CRF(Cold Rolling Former) series => CRF-ƀƀ
TCR(Top Cold Rolling) series => TCR-ƀƀ






outer diameter sizing









European safety regulations are stricter than those of Japan, and it is impossible for us to export machines without CE marking. Kyoei rolling machines meets the European safety standards regarding machines, low electric pressures, and EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility).
Kyoei machines are well prepared for the world industrial safety standards.

2.Fully automated lines (Automated carrier systems and processing machines)

  Kyoei Seiko has an excellent history of auto parts manufacturing/processing:. Kyoei auto parts manufacturing/processing and carrier systems include as follows:engine parts (coldstart indicators, camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder blocks), and parts(axle shafts, brake drums, steering arms, etc.). Kyoei Seiko designs, manufactures, and delivers various kinds of parts processing machines and automatic carrier systems, which are associated with these auto parts. Kyoei Seiko's history as a supplier includes:

Unit drilling machines

Banishining rollers

Gun drilling machines

Serrational rolling machines

Unit drilling machines with loaders

3.Machines for specific purposes

Kyoei Seiko supplies machines for specific purposes with you upon your request. Kyoei Seiko does not only process/manufacture machine parts. Instead, Kyoei Seiko designs, manufactures, and delivers machines according to your own ideas, including electrical/electronical plans. You can rely on Kyoei Seiko for your own manufacturing systems from beginning to end.
Bearing assembly machines

TV frame processing machines