Marushin Ironwork Co., Ltd.


Head Office
1000-16, Enmyo-cho, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka 582-0027, Japan
Phone: 81-729-77-4321
Fax: 81-729-77-7038

Business Summary
We have an Iron Division and a Can Manufacturing Division. Our Iron Division constructs mid/high-rise structural steelwork as well as other steel structures such as houses and factories. Our Iron Division has achieved a high level of welding technique, and has been approved of by the Ministry of Construction as a certified factory that complies with building standards. Our Can Manufacturing Division uses aluminum and stainless steel as material for tide protection and irrigation floodgates, swimming pools, tankers, vehicle parts, and other plant constructions. Specialized welding by certified engineers is highly regarded as well as the work from our Iron Division.


Company Profile

Establishment: July, 1935
Capital: \146.6 million
President: Hideaki Takenaka
Registration: Prefectural Grant, General-10848, Special-10848 Notified by the Ministry of Construction, No. 1103 (June, 1984)
Access to Electricity: 450kw
Producing Capacity: 500t (per month)
No. of Employees: 75

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  1. Design and execution of structural steelwork
  2. Design and execution of plate working
  3. Production of various steel structures
  4. Production of aluminum gates
  5. Construction of swimming pools (aluminum and stainless work)
  6. Production of parts for vehicle (7) Construction of industrial plant