Toho Electric Industry Co., Ltd.


Branch Office in China
Rd1 3-2 Gaoli Industrial Park Tangxia Town Dongguan City China
Phone: 86-769-772-9777 86-769-791-7999
Fax: 86-769-772-9778

Business Summary
Never be arrogant or satisfied with your current situation. Be responsible for your own words. Then you will always gain favorable results.

These are our creeds!
We produce based on our clients requests.
We satisfy and please our clients.
We value the trustful relationships with our clients, ensure high quality, quick delivery and low cost, and make products that areeven beyond our
clients needs.

Company Profile
Establishment Established as a factory for the assembly of wire harnesses and other instruments in 1995
Beginning of Operation April, 1996
Capital 3 million HK$ (Independent capital)
Site 11,600 sq. m
Floor Space Factory: 1,000 sq. m X 3 stories
Quarters: 1,633 sq. m
No. of Employees In April, 1996
Japanese staff    2 (Accountant: 1, Engineer: 1)
Chinese staff    9
Factory workers   45
In July, 2000
Japanese staff    3 (Accountant: 1, Managers: 2)
Chinese staff    26
Factory workers   726
Total   755
Affiliated Company

Toho Electric Industry Inc.Hong Kong Toho Inc.
Established in July, 1994, fully funded by Toho Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Address: Room804, New Landwide Commercial Building, 73 Kimberley Road. Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Phone: 852-2366-3302 Fax: 852-2366-3229

Staff: A female worker from Hong Kong

Executives: Same as Osaka Head Office

Business Description
Production items of the First Division
Production items of the Second Division
Production process
Operation of automatic crimping machine
Last updated on October 10, 2001